Purpose of the Playbook

Welcome to your essential guide to mastering the art and science of forecasting!

Whether you're a burgeoning startup navigating your initial market entry, or an established CPG company refining your strategic planning processes, our goal is to provide you with a clear, actionable roadmap to elevate your forecasting capabilities.


of gross revenue is invested in trade promotions. Proper forecasting can help you protect your bottom line and improve ROI in real-time.

Navigating the Playbook

Structured to provide a comprehensive overview, the playbook is divided into key sections, each addressing a crucial aspect of forecasting:

  • Understanding Forecasting: A primer on what forecasting entails, its significance in the CPG industry, and the various types of forecasting models at your disposal.
  • Forecasting Structures and Methods: An exploration of different forecasting methodologies, including the merits of top-down versus bottom-up approaches, and guidance on selecting the right method for your needs.
  • Forecasting Promotions: Detailed insights into forecasting for promotions, highlighting its importance and offering step-by-step strategies for effective promotional forecasting.
  • Generating a Sales Forecast: Techniques and considerations for creating accurate sales forecasts, underscored by real-world case studies showcasing successful forecasting in action.
  • Connecting Promotions and a Sales Forecast: Strategies for integrating promotional forecasting with overall sales forecasts to create a cohesive, comprehensive planning tool.
  • Tools and Data in Forecasting: An overview of essential tools and data sources for forecasting, including tips for transitioning from basic to more sophisticated tools.
  • Forecasting for New Products: A look at the unique challenges and strategies associated with forecasting demand for new product launches.
  • Becoming a Forecasting Pro: Advanced strategies for enhancing forecasting sophistication, tailored to your brand’s growth and market presence.
  • Conclusion: A recap of key takeaways, reinforcing the critical role of forecasting in achieving and sustaining market success.

Our Commitment to Your Growth

At Vividly, we understand the complexities and challenges CPG brands face in today's ever-evolving market.

This playbook is more than a resource; it's a testament to our commitment to your brand's growth and success. By harnessing the power of effective forecasting, every brand can not only anticipate the future but actively shape it to its advantage.


What is Forecasting and why It's essential

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