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In as little as two weeks, you could streamline your trade promotion management, start reconciling your deductions with AI, and increase your trade ROI with real-time forecasting and in-depth analytics.



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Why is trade promotion management software important ?

Over 80% of brands will fail while promoting
at the shelf. Don’t be one of them.

Trade promotions are an effective way to drive sales and boost your brand's visibility...or at least, they can be. But a lack of proper trade promotion management software, could cost you not just your shelf space but your entire business.

Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be. Vividly's trade promotion management software can help you optimize your trade spend strategy, improve your trade spend ROI, and save you up to 20% in unexpected trade dollars.

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What Makes Vividly Different

$40m Coffee Company

Improved their trade planning
accuracy by 91%.

Better business decisions, faster.

What if you could operate like a billion dollar business, with only 5% of the resources? With Vividly's trade promotion management software, you can.

Trade spend is one of your biggest levers for driving sales. Streamline your trade promotion management strategy with Vividly's user-friendly trade promotion management software, so you can make smarter business decisions, faster.

$185m Snack Company

Forecasted their trade with 98%
accuracy using Vividly.

Leave the guessing game to the amateurs.

Growth requires being strategic. But you can't be strategic when you're busy wrangling spreadsheets. Use Vividly to connect your sales forecasts and trade promotions for instant volume predictions and seamless adjustments, all in one system. Then, dive into Vividly's detailed trade spend analysis dashboards to get granular with your data and improve ROI in real-time.

$192m CPG Company

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Saved $950k a year in labor costs
associated with deductions.

Improve cashflow with end-to-end deduction management.

Did you know it can take an accountant up to 60% of their day just to find the documentation they need? Free your team from busywork and improve your cashflow in one move with Vividly's end-to-end trade deduction management services.

Brands that use Vividly to manage their deductions see a 90% reduction in deduction processing labor.

$200m Beverage Company

Could have more than $4m of trade
dollars returned to the brand.

Get more cash back.

We understand how important every dollar is for growing brands. That's why we offer a dispute service to ensure those invalid deductions and chargebacks make it back to your wallet - where they belong. Brands who use Vividly's trade promotions software can get back 5-10% of their trade spend dollars.

Why Vividly?

Category Vividly Competitors
Promotion Planning
  • Modern, user-friendly interface
  • Efficient, accurate entry
  • Time-saving automation
  • Flexible backup options
  • Effective communication
  • Data-driven planning
  • Clunky, confusing interfaces
  • Inefficient entry and management
  • No automation in date selection
  • Limited document support
  • Restricted commenting
  • Lack of in-screen analytics
  • Automated, flexible future pricing
  • Time-saving, accurate live connection
  • Tailored for distributor-based businesses
  • Flexible timing adjustment
  • Fast, innovative technology
  • Limited capabilities in future pricing
  • Disconnected duplication
  • Inability to handle distributor volume
  • No timing shift adjustment
  • Slow, outdated technology
  • Focused support for brands
  • Accurate trade rate handling
  • Systems not tailored for indirect-heavy businesses
  • Lack of pass-through spend handling
  • Comprehensive, compatible deduction scanner
  • Automated alignment
  • Efficient, tailored support
  • No comparable deduction breakdown
  • Basic matching
  • No comparable services

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Why our customers love us

Vividly is a home run, there is no way to stay on top of trade without them and they are a critical piece of our 2021 and 2022 growth goals.


Josh R.

VP of Sales, Lesser Evil

The Vividly software is intuitive and they provide exceptional support. Their team and system is helping our business manage trade with greater intention and accuracy.


Karen H.

National Sales Director, Wild Planet

Vividly gets trade spend. Their software and industry knowledge brought our team very quickly to a much more detailed, intuitive, and insightful place. I cannot be happier and am very excited for us to use Vividly going into 2021.


Frank B.

President, Jovial

Vividly has allowed Lily’s to efficiently create and track promotion activity with direct and indirect accounts. Not only do we have better visibility to retailer level trade rates, we are able to tighten our accrual expense based on historical views of promotional activity. Vividly has provided us the internal controls we were missing which are permission structure and contract compliance. Questions? The embedded intercom app provides comfort to those in our organization that aren’t tech-savvy individuals.


Matt S.

Director of BI, Lily's

The more we grow, the more we need a means of efficiently and effectively planning, tracking and analysing our promotion activity. Vividly offers a strong toolset that streamlines the process, helps us stretch every dollar as far as it will go, and gives us the firm control we need over trade spend.


Lucy T.

Director of Finance, Simple Mills

Vividly provided us the ability to scan 100+ pages of larger retailer scan and coupon bill backs and quickly built out the ability of scanning a completely new back-up source we had trouble with. With its quick turn around time on implementation and development, we are now able to much more easily reconcile our top retailers’ trade spend.


Jocelyn B.

Revenue & Trade Operations Manager, Amy's

“It's crazy in retrospect that we weren't being scientific about our trade spend considering it's one of the largest line items on our P&L. Vividly changed the game in a big way.”


Francesca S

VP of Finance, Barnana

“Vividly hosts biannual reviews with each of its clients. It’s a great company report card. Other TPM tools I’ve worked with never performed anything like this. Vividly really goes above and beyond for their clients.”


Nick K.

Director of Sales Operations, Barnana

"Working with Vividly Deductions Services has truly enhanced our practices of managing trade spend in just 6 months. From financials review, to predicting cash flow, to eliminating manual deductions processes, our entire team has benefitted from Vividly’s highly efficient and organized platform. As a small business, this has been crucial to allowing us more time to focus on growth and goals.”


Caitlin H.

Accounting, Artisan Tropic

“We have become more efficient with our time and more knowledgeable about how to best execute our trade budget, giving us an advantage in the industry.”


Rich C.

Fmr SVP of Sales, Perfect Snacks

“Streamlined our entire trade management system… the tools effectively track, forecast, and actualize our spend.”


Francesca S.

VP of Finance, Barnana

“Choosing Vividly was a no-brainer. They have trade management for brands like us down to a science.”


Chris T.

VP of Sales, Bulletproof

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Discover a new vision for trade

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