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Our foundational tier, best for CPG companies looking to improve their understanding of how their trade promotions are performing, dive into spend and unit sales analytics, and improve utilization of deductions actuals.

With Vividly, you can:

Upload revenue and deductions to track, visualize, and better understand state of business.

Visualize inflow of revenue and deductions by first receiver, retailer, and promotion to better understand movement of trade expenses.

Promotion analytics for spend and unit sales analysis.

Based on your answers, We recommend:

Our advanced tier, best for CPG companies ready to get granular with advanced trade analytics insights, SOP processes, P&Ls, and more.

With Vividly Plus, you can:

Understand historical trade rates at the first receiver and indirect retailer level.

Understand ROI of your promotions, leading to better utilization of trade funds.

Accruals section to streamline management of your trade budget.

Dashboarding to understand customer and product P&L

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Have you fallen short of your revenue goals in the last quarter?

Do you have the ability to understand the ROI of your promotions?

Do you find it difficult to understand the actual lift a promotion drove?

Do you need to work with customer P&Ls?

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