July 2, 2024

Comparing Trade Promotion Management Software: Vividly vs. Blueplanner

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Effective trade promotion management (TPM) is crucial for success in the consumer goods industry. Two notable players in the trade promotion management software space are Vividly and UpClear BluePlanner. Let's explore how these solutions compare and why so many leading CPG brands are choosing Vividly for their trade promotion management needs.

Data Accuracy and Reconciliation

At Vividly, we understand that accurate data is the foundation of effective trade promotion management. Our software is designed to provide seamless reconciliation of balances and data, ensuring that summary tables and exported CSVs always match up. This attention to detail eliminates discrepancies and provides a clear, consistent view of your trade promotion activities.

In contrast, some BluePlanner users have reported difficulties with data reconciliation, experiencing discrepancies between summary tables and exported data. This can lead to confusion and extra work for teams trying to analyze their trade promotion performance.

System Capabilities

Vividly's TPM solution offers a range of advanced features designed to streamline your workflow. Our system includes auto-match capabilities and provides clear trade pictures for each customer, allowing for quick and easy analysis of promotional activities across your entire portfolio.

While BluePlanner offers its own set of features, some users have noted limitations in these areas. The lack of auto-match functionality and clear customer-specific trade pictures can make it more challenging to get a comprehensive view of trade activities.

Automated Workflows and Efficiency

We've designed Vividly with efficiency in mind. Our system minimizes the need for manual processes, saving your team valuable time and reducing the risk of errors. From document handling to data reconciliation, Vividly automates many of the tedious tasks associated with trade promotion management.

BluePlanner users have reported the need for manual processes in certain areas, such as rescanning documents and manipulating data for reconciliation. These manual steps can slow down workflows and introduce the potential for human error.

Integration and API Management

Seamless integration with existing systems is crucial for any TPM solution. Vividly offers robust integration capabilities and carefully managed API connections, ensuring smooth data flow between systems without hitting frustrating limits or causing disruptions.

Some BluePlanner users have experienced challenges with data integration and API call limits, particularly during testing phases. These issues can lead to delays and complications in setting up and maintaining the system.

Reporting and Forecasting

Vividly provides comprehensive reporting and forecasting tools that allow you to easily connect trade activities to sales forecasts. Our standard reports cover a wide range of needs, and custom reporting options give you the flexibility to dive deep into your data.

In comparison, BluePlanner users have reported difficulties in connecting trade to sales forecasts and a lack of standard reports to meet their needs. This can make it challenging to gain quick insights and make data-driven decisions.

System Reliability and Accuracy

At Vividly, we prioritize system reliability and accuracy. Our features, including journal entries and actuals mapping, are designed to work consistently and correctly, providing you with dependable data and functionality.

Some BluePlanner users have reported issues with system features, including problems with journal entries and incorrect mapping of actuals. These types of errors can lead to confusion and require additional time to troubleshoot and correct.

User Experience

Vividly's intuitive interface is designed to minimize user input errors while still providing powerful functionality. We've also implemented robust API connections to ensure seamless communication between system components.

BluePlanner users have noted concerns about user input errors and the need for API connections for system communication. These issues can impact data accuracy and system performance if not carefully managed.

Vividly vs. UpClear BluePlanner

 Feature  Vividly Upclear Blueplanner 
Data Reconciliation Automated balance checks. Accurate and seamless data export.


Difficulties reconciling balances and data. Discrepancies in summary tables and exported CSVs.

System Capabilities


Comprehensive auto-matching. Detailed and clear trade pictures for each customer.

No auto-matching features. Lacks clear trade pictures for customers.
Integration and API Limits


Robust data integration capabilities. High API call limit for seamless communication.

Problems with data integration. API call limits during testing.
Reporting and Forecasting


Standard and customizable reports. Clear connections between trade activities and sales forecasts.

Difficulties connecting trade to sales forecasts. Lack of standard reports.
User Experience


Automated document processing. Streamlined data manipulation. Intuitive user interfaces. Seamless communication channels.


Frequent manual rescanning of documents and manual input required. Data manipulation required for reconciliation.

While both Vividly and UpClear BluePlanner offer trade promotion management solutions, Vividly stands out in terms of data accuracy, system capabilities, efficiency, and overall user experience. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly TPM solution makes Vividly an excellent choice for CPG brands looking to optimize their trade promotion strategies.

We encourage you to experience the Vividly difference for yourself. Contact our team for a personalized demo and discover how our TPM software can elevate your promotional efforts and drive better results for your brand.

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Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

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Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Discover a new vision for trade

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