February 22, 2023

How To Combat Inflation in 2022: Part 2 - Be More Efficient

Jon Kim
Money Matters

Since the early stages of the pandemic, our global economy has been impacted by surging demand and higher costs to do business. Recently, we explored how taking a price increase could be an effective way to combat some of these challenges resulting from inflation.

Today we will examine another way in which companies can position themselves to combat the effects of inflation by being more efficient and eliminating waste.

Optimize Your Trade Budget:

Investing time and resources to optimize certain areas of your business can be one of the first steps toward better positioning yourself against unforeseen events. In particular, revamping your overall trade strategy to maximize your spend is a key area of focus.

In order to do so, an organization must understand when and where their trade funds are being most effectively utilized. Through post-promotion analysis, it is crucial to explore the ROIs behind each promotional tactic at the customer and product grouping level.

Currently, most folks in the industry build reports to analyze their incremental sales associated with promotions through a manual process in Excel. With thousands of deals to review across a multitude of products and customers, you can imagine how difficult this may be for a company to conduct in a timely manner, or on a frequent basis. Gathering these insights from these reports will allow a sales planner to either use the same budget to increase sales, or spend less to achieve the same results. Planning promotions around ROI is key to maximizing trade, and by leveraging a TPM software like Vividly, one is able to summarize those key findings within our Promotion Analytics tool to make impactful business decisions.

Properly Reconciling Deductions:

Eliminating waste is another key area of focus when driving efficiency. Waste can present itself in many different forms within CPG, including time, money, and expired products. Today we’ll explain how the process of clearing deductions and forecasting can impact this result.

Clearing and reconciling deductions is typically a tedious and time-consuming process that involves matching several line items of an invoice to the respective promotion. With thousands of transactions to process, you can imagine how difficult this can be for an accounting team to constantly manage. Many times, brands will even receive deductions further than a year past the promotion date! While processing these deductions is already a daunting task, brands are also expected to find and eliminate invalid deductions that would be overstating a brand’s spend. Unfortunately we cannot assume that every deduction is valid and many times, brands are left with waste in the form of non-authorized spend and manual labor required. For those utilizing Vividly, there is a Deductions Reconciliation Module that automatically processes transactions from an invoice, and matches it to the associated promotion. With our Promotion Timing Analytics tool, users are also able to pinpoint the timing of their deductions by customer, by trade, and product group. Utilizing both of these features will help transform time and money from waste, to savings for an organization.

Fine Tuning Your Forecast:

Forecasting is the backbone of sales planning that can also result in waste. Ever since the pandemic, we have seen major shifts in consumer behavior, which can put a damper on planning production for unpredictable demand. Coupled with global supply chain constraints and higher costs to do business, organizations are beginning to shine a brighter light into forecasting. While there may be many forms of waste, the most pertinent may be the amount of wasted/expired product due to over-forecasting, or missed sales opportunities due to not forecasting enough. Typically this is also done manually in Excel, and requires the consolidation of data from multiple sources. Many times planning trade and forecasting in two disconnected worlds can lead to inaccuracy and also create double-work.

On the flipside, one can immensely benefit in time, money, and people savings with a more sound forecasting process. With the new Forecast Module at Vividly, one can be more efficient in their forecasting process by forecasting in the same place where promotions are planned. Aligning these two worlds will allow multiple users and teams to work together and see how changes made to a promotion or baseline forecast can impact both sides in real time!


Sales and trade planning is not a simple process. It requires cross-departmental collaboration and data synchronization from multiple sources of information. Driving efficiencies in this realm can generally be difficult to achieve for the reasons listed above, without a TPM solution like Vividly.

With Vividly, brands are able to plan their promotions and analyze their performance with ease through many of the analytics tools available. With the Deductions Reconciliation and Forecast modules recently added, users are transforming their old processes with technology, creating harmony in all areas of the business. Vividly aligns your demand plan to your trade plan more directly, and allows brands to save time and money by simplifying and automating older ways of working.

Hopefully this helps drive change in the way you think about trade and driving efficiency within CPG! If you’re interested in how Vividly makes this process simple, get a demo with us today. Stay tuned for part 3 in our series, where we will dive into budgeting and strategically cutting back on trade.

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Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

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Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Discover a new vision for trade

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