September 8, 2023

Understanding Promotion Analytics in Vividly

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Welcome to a guide on leveraging the promotion analytics and spend analysis sections within Vividly. One of our founders, Stu, takes us through the essential features and explains how these tools can be a game-changer for your CPG business.

Let's dive in!

Why Promotion Analytics Matter

1. Budget Accuracy: The aim of the promotion analytics section is to ensure you’re on track with your trade spend plans. It helps you gauge the accuracy of every trade dollar expected versus what was actually spent.

2. Visualize and Track: Get a snapshot of your yearly trade spend plans. For instance, a trade budget might be set at $44 million for the year. But what's crucial is to see how closely actual spends match up to this. Vividly provides both a visual and numerical way to check this alignment month by month.

Digging Deeper

1. High-Level View: Get a top-down look at how you are trending to your budget each month. Spot gaps and trends.

2. Pivot Table Features: Like working with pivot tables? Our tool allows you to dive deep into specific data points, just like you would in a detailed spreadsheet.

3. Month-Specific Drill Down: If you spot a variance in a particular month, you can further analyze which product groups or campaigns were over or under-budget. 

4. Fund Types & Customers: See your spend by fund type or identify which customers might be costing you more than planned.

Analyzing Promotions

1. Spotting Issues: If there's a significant difference in planned versus actual spend on a particular promotion or with a specific customer, you can directly jump to that campaign. This lets you understand if it was an entry error or if adjustments are needed for future promotions.

2. History Tells a Tale: By analyzing past promotions, especially those that consistently overshoot or underspend, you can better prepare for future campaigns and tweak them accordingly.

3. Team Collaboration: Using this tool, your team can jointly review any anomalies in upcoming promotions and adjust the strategy before they run.

Unit Sales Analysis: A Note

While Vividly provides a unit sales analysis section, it's worth noting that Stuart finds it less valuable in its current form. The inability to display information at the promotional line level when promotions involve different product groups can lead to misleading aggregates. 

Flexibility and Viewing Options

- The tool offers flexibility in terms of viewing data: see all promotions or filter them by status (approved, running, completed).

- Want a quarterly view? No problem. The tool allows for different time-frame roll-ups.

In conclusion, Vividly's promotion analytics section offers an invaluable platform for brands to keep their trade spends in check, dive deep into data when discrepancies arise, and make informed decisions on future campaigns. Harness the power of this tool and ensure that every trade dollar is spent wisely!

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Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Discover a new vision for trade

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