September 12, 2023

Understanding Promotion Interfaces in Vividly

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Ever wondered how to effortlessly navigate through our promotion interfaces? Our founder, Stu, recently took us on a journey through the planning section of Vividly and did we learn a lot!

Let’s unpack the wisdom he shared and understand why Vividly is such a game-changer for CPG brands. 🌟

1. Life in Columns 📊

The Columns Interface is your bird’s eye view of the promotion life cycle. At a glance, you can:

  • Identify what’s currently running in the market.
  • Check out promotions waiting for your nod (or your team's!).
  • Track those which have come full circle and completed.

One of the coolest things? This lifecycle is automated. That means once you approve deals, they shuffle over to the 'running' category. And when they've done their time? They settle down in the 'completed' section. But that's not all! You can:

  • Search for promotions based on specific criteria.
  • Leave comments for your team, like nudging the salesperson to attach a contract.
  • Track modifications with timestamps. Handy, right?

2. Lists, Lists, Everywhere! 📝

The List Interface is the classic view we’re all familiar with. Sort and play with columns to your heart's content. For instance:

  • Want to identify the promotion with the highest expected spend at Sprout? It’s right there.
  • Interested in only off-shelf promotions? Filter and voila!
  • Curious about the most recent promotions modified? A single click does the trick.

3. It’s Calendar Time! 📅

For those of us who are visual learners, the Calendar Interface is a treat. It’s a vivid snapshot of what’s happening and when. Features include:

  • A day and month display at the top.
  • An ability to delve into specific customer promotions.
  • A deep dive option for each promotion, letting you edit, duplicate, or review them in detail.
  • The power to export these visuals as a PDF or image. This is a fantastic tool for presentations or just sharing with your team.

If you’re meeting a buyer or just want a comprehensive summary for the team, this interface paints a clear picture of upcoming deals.

4. The Timeline View

For a linear understanding of promotions, the Timeline view is spot on. For instance, if you’re juggling between Infra and Sprouts, this view lets you juxtapose the promotions of both, giving you clarity and control.

In a Nutshell...

Vividly’s promotion interfaces, as showcased by Stu, are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse needs. From columns and lists to vivid calendars and timelines, there's something for everyone.

Dive in, play around, and watch your promotional management elevate to the next level! 🚀

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Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Goodbye Excel. Hello Vividly.

Discover a new vision for trade

Discover a new vision for trade

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